Brittney & Keith

Styled by: Jen Brown

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Teresa Tanaka -

How wonderful! They are so nice! Love it!

Debbie Miner -

I love them… so so happy for the both of you :)

Tamara Green -

Wow! So very Beautiful!

Nancy L. Hulett McCartney -


Cheryl Kulinski-Berg -

So adorable!

Lauren Maria -

Ok, Brittney I just creeeped on these and I love every one! So excited for you!

Sheryl Minyen -

aww so great. my favorite are the ones sitting in the tree!

Michael Bubel -

All you need is 75 comments? You can do that, easily This is my contribution to your contest :D good luck! Great pictures, by the way.

Erin Griffith -

You guys are too cute! LOVE the pictures :)

Ricky Parah -

Congrats Israel buddy.., hope this post helps you win…shalom! :)

Shadé Texter Shelton -

Awww… these are too cute! Hope you guys win!

Kelley Gilster -

Aww so adorable! Can’t wait to work with you guys :)

Dana Beth Riley -

so beautiful! What a sweet love!

Taylor Michelle Holdgrafer -


Lorena Sanchez -

Super cute! You guys are too adorable!

Kaylee Falkner -

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple! Love you guys!!!

Jennifer Marie Glynn -

Dang…that’s a lot of photos! I hope they win the photo book so they can treasure these photos for years to come!

Heather McGuire -

Congratulations you two! Brittney, you are so beautiful!

Amy Dusatko -

Amazing!!!!! You both look stunning!!!!

Kendra Male -

Your engagement pictures are do beautiful! I wish you two the very best and a life time of happiness!!!

Alysia Ruiz Vogel -

LOVE these! & LOVE you two!

Leallani Stewart -

So beautiful! Amazing pictures.

Brittany Allister Peterson -

Wow! These are gorgeous! You both look amazing! So happy for you guys!!

Laura Raley -

You’re are so precious! These are some of the best engagement photos I’ve seen!

Darien Faith Metcalfe -

These are beautiful! You guys look great!!!

Lauren Rybarczyk -

wow so amazing! you two could start a new career as couple modeling! ;) stunning location too! so excited for you guys!

Kendall Schmidt -

Love all the photos! You two are beautiful! Congratulations! So happy for you! xx

Lauren Waters -

Beautiful! Very excited for you two!

Kristen Petrillo -

Love the emotions. Congratulations!

Jaclyn Rene Guzman -

so beautiful!

Johanna Chambers -

Ooh! the one where you guys are holding hands and looking off in opposite directions is awesome! I love ALL of them, of course. Did it hurt Keith to walk on it?

Johanna Chambers -

Where were these pictures taken? They’re very beautiful?

Emmeline Shih -

These pics are beautiful! Brittney, you look gorgeous! :-)

Jamie Aguilera -

Such a beautiful couple!!

Devin Aguilera -

Well here is lucky number 38. Great pictures by the way.

Jess Coronado -

Love the pictures. What a cute couple!!

Joanie Riley -

Love how you have captured their personalities in your photos! How sweet :)
Thanks for the memories you have perserved.

Melissa TenKate -

Sooooo cute Britteny! Love em!

Catherine Hamilton -

So sweet! Congratulations you two! These photos are beautiful :)

Mary Arkfeld -

absolutely beautiful!

Rosario T. Cabral -

How exciting for all of you!

Gary Riley -

Beautiful pictures, amazing couple, I am a very blessed Dad! Oh and I do like the name of the place for your pictures……perfect :-)

Becky Zierman -

So so so lovely:) u guys look like you are going to ride off in the sunset on a silver steed or something like that…

Natalie Stewart -

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful ❤

Dave Kraina -

Keith is such a BOSS! Great looking couple! Congrats guys!

Nathan Tanaka -

Great pictures! <3

Garry Holdgrafer -

Go Tanaka’s!

Monica Huie -

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple!

Travis Hartanov -

Looking good!

Ricky Chambers -

Oh yeah! These turned out great!

Tonia Agbayani -

Absolutely beautiful!!! You two are gorgeous together

Samantha Holguin -

I am BLOWN AWAY! Such beautiful pictures of such a BEAUTIFUL couple!

Chris Tanaka -

Just out of curiosity, is that tree the one from Forrest Gump?

Brittany Whitlock -

Your pictures are beautiful! Both of you look great:) Congratulations again!!!!

Aaron DeMarco -

This is good shit.

Chelsea Fischer -

I am so happy for you guys! your pictures are amazing!

Dana Meehan -

These pictures are beautiful! You both look so happy :)

Yvonne Solis-Brady -

Omgggg beautiful pictures …xoxo

Crystal Tanaka -

Love these!!! Can’t wait for the big day :)

April Hurt Riley -


Amanda Brewer -

You look beautiful! Love these! Congratulations both of you:))

Marie Wilson -

Congratulations Ribal King!

Alli Talley -

HOTTIE couple alert! ow owww! :)

Andrea Fula -

Congrats love birds! Even in the pictures where you are not smiling… You are still smiling. Yay love!

Jalene Olalia -

aw you guys are so precious…and you are making me feel super behind on the whole wedding planning thing haha congrats again :)

Kathy Garcia -

Beautiful pictures — you were right Teresa Tanaka.

Taylor Spikes -

SO cute!

Michael Swope -

Wow sooo goodo.

Cindy Canchola -

Congratulations Keith…your girl is Beautiful…natural setting for the pictures is great! May the Lord Bless You Both!

Caylin Blake -

well aren’t you the cutest couple ever? these pictures are amazing!

Jenna Alice Holdgrafer -

These photos are gorgeous! Congrats you two! Being engaged suits you well! :)

Jeremy Agbayani -

Awww…Keith. I remember when I used to hold you like that ;). Jk. Great pictures! You guys look awesome together!

Ray Gibson -

These are awesome man. I’m so happy and proud of you!

Kristin Snyder -

Brittney, you are so gorgeous!

Valerie Latt -

Wonderful photos.

Nancy Tanaka -

Wonderful photos! :) Congrats.

Irwin A Olson Jr -

Here’s to a wonderful journey.

Marve' Harvey -

Beautiful pictures. Kieth- it almost looks like you grew up in the country or something ;) Wishing you both much happiness in your lives together.

Robert Nixon -


Natalie DiCenso Miller -

Your photos are absolutely perfect! Best wishes for your new chapter together. Xo

Molly Zive -

so beautiful! Congratulations!

Nick Tunnicliffe -

props to the photog. Keith Tanaka your eyes are closed too much.

Gary Parks -

Beautiful pictures of the happy couple.

Mollie Shea -

Oh. My. Goodness. You guys are too cute! These are all amazing, I don’t think I can pick a favorite! You guys are such a great couple, I can’t wait for December! So happy for you two <3.